Reviewing New Laws In Oklahoma

Reviewing New Laws In Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, new laws could impose some restrictions for workers who are injured on the job. The regulations define all requirements for employers and all expectations of how claims are processed. A worker’s compensation lawyer can help workers who need clarity about their rights in the claims.

How Does the Law Define the Employer’s Requirements?

The laws in Oklahoma require all employers to purchase worker’s compensation insurance after hiring at least one worker. The coverage must provide disability benefits, rehabilitation services, and payment for all medical care. The only exception to the law is when employers can provide coverage through their own capital effectively.

Who Manages Worker’s Compensation When Legal Claims are Filed?

The laws were modified in 2014 and allow all claims to be managed by the Oklahoma Workers Compensation Commission. The court doesn’t manage the cases unless the worker files a lawsuit against their employer and/or their insurer.

What Workers aren’t Eligible for the Benefits?

Any employees that earn less than $10,000 each year, agricultural workers who earn less than $100,000, and real estate agents aren’t eligible for worker’s compensation benefits. Any employees that have coverage through federal laws aren’t covered under an employer worker’s compensation policy.

What Should Employers Place In the Workplace?

All employers must post the CC-Form-1A somewhere in their workplace that is visible to their workers. The form indicates that all workers are covered under the worker’s compensation policy. It also advises injured workers on filing claims and contacting the Worker’s Compensation Commission.

Did the Statute of Limitations Change in Oklahoma?

Yes, any claim for an accidental fatality or cumulative trauma has to be filed within one year of the incident. If the claim isn’t filed properly, the worker and/or their family won’t receive any compensation. All legal claims must start as quickly as possible to secure the worker’s rights.

In Oklahoma, state laws define the rights of workers and employers when on-the-job accidents happen. Workers must file claims quickly after sustaining injuries and must prove their eligibility for coverage. Employers must follow laws related to purchasing the insurance. Workers who need legal help can visit for more information now.